framing system

The basic form of a structure's force-resisting framework.

Framing systems are forms of construction utilized to resist vertical forces (gravity) and lateral pressures (wind and earthquakes) against a building. The principal structural system of a building is its framing system; foundation systems are covered separately.

Framing systems carry and distribute the structural loads that occur above the surface of the earth. They consist of the columns, beams, and shear walls that support the structure. In some building systems, the floor slab is designed to assist in carrying the lateral loads of the building, thereby becoming an integral part of the framing system.

Most large steel frame buildings utilize corrugated steel deck that is topped with concrete as the floor system. Nearly all concrete frame buildings utilize cast in place concrete slabs for the floor system. Some steel frame buildings (a very few concrete frame buildings) utilize pre-cast concrete planks for the floor framing system. These planks are usually covered with a thin layer of concrete that is placed on the jobsite.

The appropriate and most economical framing system for a particular building is chosen by the structural engineer based on its height, usage type, local soil conditions, availability of materials, local building codes, local construction methods, and other factors.

Framing system synonym:

bracing system

Child standards belonging to 'framing system': bundled tube, buttressed core, core plus outrigger, framed tube, rigid frame, shear wall, shear wall plus frame, space truss, superframe, trussed frame, trussed tube, tube-in-tube.

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