tower block

A high-rise building or skyscraper which contains multiple residential units.

A tower block is a multi-unit residential building with at least 10 floors above ground. It can be a high-rise, skyscraper, or supertall building, and it can be mixed-use as long as residential units form a primary use with at least 10% of the gross floor area.

The term "tower block" has the connotation in English of a very large urban residential development where many units are stacked vertically. It is mainly associated with modern architecture although many are postmodern, and older blocks (mainly in American cities) are designed in various revival styles. While the term is often applied across the spectrum from low-end to upscale housing, it may connote mass production and a level of sameness among units.

Example objects

Ulitsa Narodnogo Opolchenya 43-1, Stuyvesant Town Apartments XXVIII, Ugarteche 3221, Friedrich-Kayßler-Weg 3, The Century, Le Périscope, 1000 Lake Shore Plaza.

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