visitor information center

Space for orientation of tourists and distribution of material in promotion of the locality.

A visitor information center is a place where tourists, business travelers, conventioneers, and other visitors can ask questions, orient themselves, meet for tours, and obtain information about the local vicinity.

These are often operated by governments, chambers of commerce, and other non-profit entities.

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ไทย: ศูนย์ข้อมูลนักท่องเที่ยว 한국어: 방문자 정보 센터 bahasa indonesia: pusat informasi pengunjung català: centre d'informació al visitant čeština: návštěvnické informační centrum dansk: (to be translated) deutsch: Besucherinformationszentrum eesti: (to be translated) english: visitor information center español: centro de información de visitante français: office du tourisme hrvatski: (to be translated) italiano: centro informazioni kiswahili: (to be translated) latviešu: (to be translated) lietuvių: (to be translated) magyar: látogató-információsközpont nederlands: bezoekerinformatiecentrum polski: (to be translated) português: centro de informação română: (to be translated) shqip: (to be translated) slovenščina: (to be translated) suomi: (to be translated) svenska: turistbyrå tagalog: (to be translated) tiếng việt: (to be translated) türkçe: ziyaretçi bilgi merkezi اردو: (to be translated) العربية: مركز إستعلامات للسياح فارسی: (to be translated) עברית: מרכז מידע למבקרים ελληνικά: (to be translated) български: посетителския център информация русский: гостевой информационный центр српски: (to be translated) українська: центр інформаційної підтримки відвідувачів Հայերեն: (to be translated) ქართული: (to be translated) मराठी: (to be translated) हिन्दी: (to be translated) ગુજરાતી: (to be translated) తెలుగు: (to be translated) தமிழ்: (to be translated) বাংলা: (to be translated) 日本語: インフォメーションセンター 简体中文: 访客资讯中心 繁體中文: 訪客資訊中心
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